The 2017 STEM Festival will be Saturday, May 20
at Shoreline Community College



The Shoreline STEM Festival & Science Fair is seeking volunteers to help with the 2017 Festival!

Contact for more information


Thank you to all the participants, exhibitors and attendees for making this year a great success!
Photos from this year’s festival are HERE!

2016 STEMfest Awards:

Schools of STEM Excellence: Syre Elementary and Lake Forest Park Elementary

Individual awards:
Eddie Hensel – Syre, grade 1
Carolina Lora Ramirez – Villa Academy, grade 1
Oscar Crisafulli – Ridgecrest, grade 3
Sanika Datar – Northlake Academy, grade 3
Yarrow Kyaw – Briarcrest, grade 3
William Shirts – Echo Lake, grade 3
Halle Hagos – Kings, grade 4
Helena Stein – Lake Forest Park, grade 4
Team Alchemists – Harini Thiagarajan, Samyukta Kaushik –  Bear Creek Elementary, Emily Dickinson School, grade 4
Leo Crisafulli – Briarcrest, grade 5
Zoe Kelton – Meridian Park, grade 5
Elisabeth Lanter – Lake Forest Park, grade 5
Brandon Lu Meridian – Park, grade 5
Ameena Majeed – Meridian Park, grade 5
Eliana Megargee – Meridian Park, grade 5
Eleanor Shirts – Echo Lake, grade 5
Team Infinity Mirrors -Dylan Dunn, Elias Foreman, Aiden Evans – Highland Terrace, grade 5
Team Sugary Crystals – Leya Dereje, Kayla Pabon – Highland Terrace, grade 5
Team Sweet Potatoes – Alisa Pokazanyeva, Yamin Dembrow – Lake Forest Park, grade 5
Samantha Sonntag – Cascade K-8, grade 6
Andrew Miner – Brookside, grade 6
Shea O’Donnell – Valley View Middle School, grade 8

Interested in helping with next year’s Festival?

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2016 Sponsors and supporters: