2015 STEMfest and Science Fair:

We had very interesting and innovative projects in the 2015 science fair.  A job well done by all participants! The winners of the 2015 People’s Choice Awards were:


Pre-school – 3rd grade:

Team: Lydia Chin, Anna Schmidt, and Amanda Yu, #6, 3rd Grade, Ridgecrest

Finley Houck, #22, 1st grade, Syre

Lily Wright, #48, 2nd grade, Lake Forest Park

Anica Boguszewski, #3, 2nd grade, Lake Forest Park

Jake Robertson, #40, 2nd grade, Syre

Marika McNarsky, #116, Kindergarten, Brookside



4th – 12th grade:

Cameron Furman, #121, 5th grade, Brookside

Team: McKinnon Bonar and Tyler Lefaucher, #108, 5th grade, Highland Terrace

Team: Cameron Anderson and Zach Bartsch, #106, 5th grade, Highland Terrace

Zoe Kelton, #76, 4th grade, Meridian Park




The two schools with the most participants in the science fair were Lake Forest Park Elementary and Brookside Elementary. They were both awarded the Shoreline STEM Schools of Excellence awards.